Dream Ride

What Is Your Dream Car?

Dream Ride - What Is Your Perfect Car?

Growing up as a kid, my dad had a dream to own a Porsche. When I was young, it was only a dream for my father. When I became a teenager, it became a reality. No, it wasn’t a new Porsche, but it was a Porsche none the less. While I don’t know if that is a dream of my dad’s anymore, he at least owned a dream car once in his life. Now a dream ride isn’t the same for everyone. In fact, over time, your idea of this may change many times.

To me there are a few factors to consider when choosing the ultimate car or vehicle. They would include power, speed, fuel efficiency, cost to operate, comfort, and style to name a few. Some people might elevate environmentally friendly to the top of the list. However, these other factors would still need to be considered. With these things in mind, we will explore what the ultimate automobile might be for different people.

If you are looking for power, something that is environmentally friendly, and something that has a low fuel cost you would look no further than CNG vehicles for sale. Thanks to companies like Westport Innovations and Clean Fuel Technologies among others, natural gas cars and trucks are becoming a reality. Wesport builds the engines that run these great vehicles. In fact, they have what might be the necessary bridge to these new automobiles, bi-fuel engines. This allows these cars to run on both natural gas and regular gasoline. In the future, as more fueling stations are added across the fruited plain I would expect to see new types of vehicles in this class. Probably the ultimate vehicle would be a hybrid CNG car, truck, or SUV. This would allow a cleaner fuel than current gasoline to run in conjunction with an electric part of the engine. While this is probably a good five years away, it is coming. With the glut of natural gas in America, it is only a matter of time.

For somebody who is looking for the ultimate clean car, I would say that solar electric cars have to be in the future. While this could be obtained in a couple of different ways, using solar electricity to power electric batteries to ran a car I predict will one day be the norm in America. While this may be decades off, the reality might get started in the real near future. Why? Simple, electric cars are already gaining steam. Either adding a solar component to the car or plugging your car into an outlet at home that is being powered by solar energy will produce solar energy cars that can deliver cleaner air to all.

If you have a large family, the car of your dreams might just be a 7 seater car. These great vehicles allow you to transport the entire family in style. While you might choose either a car, van, or an SUV if you need the space you no longer have to drive a station wagon. To learn about all of the options you might have to do a little searching depending on your preferences. Luckily for you, there is probably an option that will be perfect for you and your growing family.